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The Acoustic A15V Acoustic Instrument Amp delivers best-in-class tone and sound reproduction, whether practicing at home or performing at small venues. With 15 Watts of power and a full-range 6.5″ speaker, the A15V provides exceptional support for your acoustic guitar, voice or other acoustic instrument. XLR and ¼” inputs ensure easy connectivity for acoustic-electric instruments and/or mic’ed instruments and vocals.

Enjoy warmth and enhanced bass frequencies, via the front-ported cabinet for even more richness, unheard of in this price range. The wedge-shaped cabinet design directs sound where you need it, allowing musicians to hear the amp clearly (and at lower volumes). In addition, a built-in true analog chorus circuit with rate control adds customizable color and variation. The 1/8″ aux-in is ideal for rehearsal or performance using pre-recorded material from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and the 1/8″ headphone output provides private practice